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Read our frequently asked questions and answers:

This page holds the most frequently asked questions and answers that might be able to help you without having to get in touch with our support team. Please read through them all as we have thousands of customers just like yourself that have probably already asked the question before you.


  • Game availability?

  • Are all the different games fair?

  • Do I have to register my details or can I just play for fun?

  • What legalities does All Australian Casino operate under?

Live Casino

  • Where are the live games broadcast from?

  • What are the Live Casino hours of play?

  • Is it possible to watch live games without playing?

  • Are the Live Casino games broadcast in real time?

  • What are the maximum and minimum stakes?

  • Are the live casino games available for fun play?


  • I am having difficulties opening an account

  • How can I open an account at All Australian Casino?

  • Is it possible to open more than one account at All Australian Casino?

  • I have a problem with opening an account. Can I do so over the phone?


  • What bonuses are available?

  • When can I use the welcome bonus?

  • Is it possible to cancel my bonus and if possible what happens to my money?

  • What are wagering requirements?


  • What are cookies and why do they have to be enabled?

  • What system requirements are needed to support All Australian Casino?

  • Does software need to be downloaded?

  • I am on the game page and the animation keeps running but the game doesn’t appear?

  • In case of a game freezing or displaying an error message what should be done?

Customer Service

  • What are the opening hours for customer service?

  • How can I reach the customer service agents?

  • What language does the customer service team speak?

  • If my problem is not found in the FAQ section what shall I do?


  • What are All Australian Casino’s accepted payment methods?

  • How are funds deposited?

  • Minimum deposit amounts:

  • At what stage to I have to submit my verification documents?

  • I want to make a bank transfer what are All Australian Casino’s details?

  • Can I change my personal budget limits?


  • How can I make a withdrawal?

  • What are the required documents to withdraw funds?

  • What are the charges incurred for withdrawing funds?

  • How long do withdrawals take to be transferred?

Account Query

  • Can I check my financial history?

  • Why is verification needed?

  • What should I do if I forget my username and password?

  • How do I close my account and what is the process to do so?

Security Query

  • What is the various security measure employed to keep card details safe?

  • Are account numbers and passwords kept safe?

  • What is the client privacy policy at All Australian Casino?


Unfortunately All Australian Casino will discontinue its services from the 30th of June 2017.

As a result new and existing players can no longer make use of our services.

We have had to make this decision due to new and upcoming licensing laws.

Important information:

- Remaining balances:
Players with funds in their account will be contacted by us and will receive information about which steps they need to take in order to transfer these funds back. If you know you have a balance then you are always welcome to contact us and request a withdraw.

- Customer service:
Although All Australian Casino is closed our customer services representatives will remain available for any query. You can start the live-chat or contact us by mail or phone.
Phone: (+61) – 02 8880 0250

Thank you for playing with All Australian Casino and we are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!